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Reflexology Case Study

With a background in science, I am drawn to numbers and graphs and love when progress and success can be represented numerically. I know the huge impact that reflexology has on my and members of my family. There is no question or doubt that I feel reenergised and recharged after a reflexology treatment, and that coughs and colds are soothed significantly when reflexology is integrated in the treatment plan, especially for the kids. But often, explaining to someone that reflexology can “make you feel better” is vague and non descript, and to suggest that it may take a few treatments to feel the benefit is no use to someone suffering with a chronic condition who is looking for a solution.

With this in mind, I offer a 50% discount for clients who wish to take part in a reflexology case study. To take part in the case study, we will work together to try and identify the symptoms that the client wishes to work on through reflexology. We will monitor these symptoms over a course of 4-6 reflexology treatments, in an effort to present the effects of reflexology in a scientific way. Please contact me if you are interested and would like to discuss further.

Please note, to take part in a case study, appointments may be longer to discuss changes in symptoms such as sleep quality and energy levels. The case study client will also be required to keep a diary to track their progress (or otherwise), and the client will have to agree to the use of this data (no names or identifying information will be published) within the complimentary therapy community, eg articles in professional magazines such as Reflexions. The treatment schedule of appointments will be agreed upon before the first treatment, and repeated cancellations or rescheduling may result in cancelling the clients role in the study. Payment for the agreed course of treatments must be made at the first appointment.

For expressions of interest, please contact me directly. Contact details available on my Contacts PageFooter