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Reflexology & Indian Head Massage for adults and children

Prices below are for 45-50mins (reflexology) and 30-35mins (Indian head massage). These are the prices for adult appointments; children’s appointments are shorter and priced individually. Minors must be accompanied by a parent who stays for the entire session. All appointments can be tailored, adjusted or combined in line with clients needs and limitations. Please contact me if you want to find out more.

1 x reflexology ………………… €45
Course of 3 x reflexology ……€120
Course of 6 x reflexology …… €215

1 x Indian head massage …. €30
3 x Indian head massages …. €80
6 x Indian head massages ……€145

1 x reflexology & Indian head combo…..€70
3 x reflexology & Indian head combo….€190
6 x reflexology & Indian head combo….€340

Story Massage

Story Massage is a fun and interactive way of combining the creativity of storytelling with the benefits of massage. Everyone can join in, whatever age or ability. Massage strokes are on shoulders, back, arms and head. No oil is used and children do not need to remove any clothes. Movements are safe and can be adapted to suit varying personalities and temperaments. Positive touch through storytelling can be especially beneficial for children with special/additional needs.

Story Massage Coaching session…..€50

Ear Candling (with facial massage)

Organic hollow cotton candles are used for this treatment. The candle is supported at the opening of the ear canal, and burns for about 10mins while the client is lying on their side. The warmth of the candle and the gentle suction it creates helps to relieve problems such as compacted ear wax, hayfever, stress, sinusitis, snoring and headaches. The treatment also includes a facial massage, which stimulates movement of lymph, which is key to tackling stubborn colds and congestion.

Ear Candling…..€45 (45mins)

Holistic Facial

This treatment uses NYR Organic products to hydrate your skin while normalising oily secretions. Your skin will benefit from the wonderful therapeutic action of Chamomile, Frankincense, Rose and Orange Flower through a holistic routine of cleanse & tone, exfoliate, soothing facial massage including neck and shoulders, mask, serum and moisturise.

Holistic Facial…..€45 (45mins)